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Caring for your jewelry


My 'Jewelry Care'  card

My ‘Jewelry Care’ card I developed for customers.

All metals, except for pure gold and platinum, eventually tarnish. All good quality silver jewelry reacts with the chemicals in the air and, over time, tarnishes. Best way to prevent it is wearing your jewelry regularly. When not being worn, silver pieces should be stored in a polyethylene zip lock bag, or other airtight container, with either a piece of white chalk, silica packs (found in medicine bottles or with new shoes) or anti-tarnish strips. If using jewelry boxes, line them with anti-tarnish cloth or paper.
Silver jewelry should be removed before cleaning and swimming (chlorine bleach is very harmful to silver), as well as before gardening or playing sports.
Put on your jewelry only after showering and applying lotion and perfume to avoid causing your silver to look dull and lifeless.
Use a silver polishing cloth to clean your jewelry, available in stores and online.
Never dip your silver jewelry in ‘dip’ solutions or commercial cleaning solutions. Silver jewelry may turn in color after repeated use, and the gemstones may be damaged.
Gently clean/brush your gemstones with soap and water, and dry the piece completely before storing it.

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