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My Creative Process

MY PHILOSOPHY: Gemstones don’t have to be boring ‘blah’ pieces worn just for the sake of keeping them close to your body. They can be both functional and breathtakingly attractive. That is my goal, anyway.

At the moment I have my workbench, and everything work-related, set up in a quiet corner of my house away from my curious kids and general disturbances and noise. Because I take care of my kids during the day, I have to resort to working at night when everything quiets down around here, and when I am left alone to listen to my creative voices inside, more attentively.

My workbench, somewhat tidied up for this photo shoot.

My workbench, somewhat tidied up for this photo shoot.

I purchase my stones and silver only from reputable sources based in the U.S., that also provide the most detailed information about stones’ quality and, preferably, origin. I need to know for sure what I am working with, and if I can trust this information. I never buy dyed, overly-altered, or imitation stones. I go for natural colors, no matter how subtle the color is, since I prefer natural beauty over fake “attractiveness”.

I sit down and go through the stones waiting for my inner voice to pick a stone while a rough design develops in my head right then and there. Then I sit down and draw the design in my notepad. After that I get all the things ready and start putting it together, still improvising along the way.



I make everything myself, including ear wires, clasps, bails, chains used in more intricate necklace designs, etc. I think there is a special energy and magic about a piece made almost entirely by hand. The only things I outsource are my stones (for obvious reasons), stringing wire (same reason), and some tiny silver components that I just can not produce myself.

Once the piece is finished, it goes through my polishing and hardening (for the wire) process, and there I have my new creation, all nice and shiny, waiting for its new soul mate.

Shhh...work in progress.

Shhh…work in progress.

I would expect the admirers of my work to be extremely fascinating people interested in natural one-of-a-kind beauty, unique gemstone creations, and everything handmade.
If you’ve read this far, then it is probably YOU. :)

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