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Hi, I am Shirin, and this is my place to share my passion for jewelry-making (and other creative adventures) with the world.

I currently reside and find my  inspiration in Virginia, US, where I design and create my jewelry.  I am passionate about creating every single piece from start to finish by hand, and believe in sharing a part of my soul through my creations this way.

As a person who appreciates the true beauty of nature, I prefer to work with genuine, naturally colored gemstones, fine and sterling silver, and pure copper. All jewelry is designed and hand made by me, and I try to incorporate different metal smithing techniques to help me bring my creative vision to life.

This was a serious intro for serious people. And if you are as goofy as me sometimes, then here is a little bit on a not-so-serious note about me. I am busy, busy, busy with my every day life that is not all about jewelry. I try to work whenever I can, though not as often I would like to. Having kids at home does that to your schedule, you know. But I love my life and I am grateful for this opportunity to have something to look forward to whenever I get some free time here and there. So yeah, this is my life in a nutshell. Feel free to join me in my jewelry-making adventures, and watch me try to push my limits and, hopefully, become really good at what I am trying to do here.

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