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Hi and welcome to the gallery of my creations.

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Put a ring on it

There are many things I am obsessed about in jewelry making. At the moment it is mainly earrings and bracelets, but sometimes I get an occasional craze to make rings, and I go ahead and make them. Here is what I have come up with so far.  

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April Giveaway

Update: This Giveaway ended. This time I am giving away these Sterling Silver and Freshwater Pearls earrings hand made by me from scratch (minus the gemstones and wire). This Giveaway lasts until April 20th, 2014. All you have to do is check my Facebook page for more information, and give it a try. Maybe you …

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Choose Handmade (meme)

And by doing so, not only will you wear the best and most beautiful there is, but you will also support local and small businesses, keeping the money in the country and not sending it back to China (no offense, China).

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My Copper Jewelry Facts and Care Information Card

Copper Jewelry Facts and Care

Copper jewelry is IN now, but not many people know much about copper. This prevents them from enjoying this wonderful metal due to their fear of the unknown. I didn’t know much about copper myself before I started working with it. Then I did my research, tried making jewelry with it, wore it, and fell …

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